Whether you need full management and provision for all the audio on your production, or simply require short term assistance, I can help. I have plenty of experience in working remotely or in house with your production team.

The following are examples of the kinds of services I offer:

Audio Direction

I can manage the audio on a production from concept to completion according to your needs and budget. I have a broad network of sources and contacts, including sound designers, specialist recordists, composers and dialogue specialists.

Sound Design

I have 14 years’ experience in doing sound design for games. Whether it be simple one shot sound effects, or multi-layered effects as part of a more complex system, I have the experience and knowledge required.

  • Sound Libraries: I have a unique personal sound effects library to draw upon, as well as a wide range of commercial libraries.
  • Foley Recording: I have a big passion for recording sounds. My foley and location recording equipment is regularly upgraded and added to and my setup enables me to record any amount of material in the highest quality.
  • In-House Support: Working close with the rest of the team is very important in my opinion. Working In-House can often make it easier in terms of communication and implementation.


In my experience of interactive entertainment, implementation is more than half the work in making a great-sounding production.

  • Technology Experience: I’m always keen to learn new technologies, but here’s a list of some I already know:
    • Implementation tools like Wwise, FMOD and Sony’s SCREAM
    • Several custom in-house engines
    • Various source control tools like Perforce

Voice-Over Services

I have plenty of experience in voice-over production, including dialogue management, voice-over editing and implementation.

  • Management: I can source script writers and audition and cast voice-over artists either directly, or through a third-party casting service.
  • Recording and Direction: I can take care of the recording sessions using my own equipment, or professional recording studios, depending on your budget and needs.
  • Dialogue Editing: I can edit, name and deliver the dialogue recordings in the format you need.
  • Implementation: I’ve worked with various ways of implementing dialogue for different types of games, including first person shooters, strategy games and simulation games.
  • Localisation: I worked with localisation on games like Oblivion, Half Life 2 and on various big Disney and Pixar films, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars and Wall-e. I can help you with your localisation needs using trusted companies that deliver a quality service on time and to quality.









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