Malin started her career in sound in 1994, working for a company which rented out and repaired audio equipment. After six months she wanted to learn more about sound so she took a four year Sound Engineering course in north Sweden. During that time she recorded and mixed music, went on tours with bands as their sound engineer, broadcast radio, and even built her own speakers and a Theremin.

After completing her studies, Malin worked at a TV production company in her home town of Malmö, carrying out sound design for adverts, voiceovers and field recording. A year later she decided to go to London, where Richard Joseph offered her a job at Audio Interactive to help with the audio on the games that he was responsible for. During her time there she worked on various titles including Theme Park Inc and Action Man, whilst also finding time to freelance at the Brit Awards, MTV-Awards and for reality TV shows.

When Richard joined Elixir Studios as Audio Director, Malin joined him as Sound Designer. Over the next four years, with composer James Hannigan and programmer Andy Mucho, they produced the sound for BAFTA-nominated titles Republic-The Revolution and Evil Genius. When Elixir Studios closed down in 2005, Malin started freelancing in games, TV and film. Her clients over this period included SCEE, Babel, Pinewood Shepperton, and Strix Television.

In March 2007, Malin started up Sonic Source LLP with Rebecca Parnell, another sound designer. During her time at Sonic Source Malin worked on a number of games, including Mirror’s Edge, Dancing With the Stars, Buzz and Eight Days.

After 18 months together Malin and Rebecca went separate ways. That was the start of thesoundofmalin. Since then Malin has worked on BAFTA-winning games Little Big Planet PSP and Eye Pet, and also BRINK, Bodycount, Book of Spells, which won Audio Acomplishment at the Develop Awards, and Book of Potions.

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